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Entrepreneur-led growth company

This page introduces Wetteri in English in a nutshell. Wetteri’s official language of communications is Finnish, and more information on Wetteri as an investment is available on our investor pages in Finnish.

Wetteri is an entrepreneur-driven growth company

Wetteri is a growth company operating in automotive industry. Our aim is to be Finland’s biggest and most profitable automotive company by the end of 2025.

The automotive industry is going through a historic transformation. Changes in distribution channels, emission-free technologies and digitalisation require enormous investments and are consolidating a traditionally fragmented market into larger entities.


The automotive industry is undergoing a major transition, and the car retail and maintenance business will shift towards larger, more profitable units. Consolidation is the key-driver for Wetteri’s growth-strategy, we grow through business acquisitions. In addition, we have all the elements needed for organic growth.

Aarne Simula, CEO

The automotive industry’s transformation is Wetteri’s growth driver: Large operators can reap great profits from volume and synergy advantages and the better profitability they bring. Wetteri is an active consolidator in the industry, growing both organically and through acquisitions.

Wetteri is a publically listed company, and the company’s senior management owns a significant portion of its shares. Wetteri’s growth strategy is being implemented by a group of committed people with experience in rapid business growth and the gift of agile decision-making – for the common good of all shareholders.

Multi-brand dealership Wetteri – in business since 1960

Wetteri is a multi-brand dealership whose competitive advantage is founded on the most extensive selection of high-quality sales and service brands in Finland, broad-based competence honed to a razor’s edge over decades and long-term relationships of mutual trust with operators in the industry. Wetteri has long been a pioneer in taking advantage of digitalisation and the development of data analytics.

Wetteri’s business model covers the entire vehicle dealership value chain: the core of our broad-based business is built around multi-brand representation of new passenger and utility vehicles; spare parts, service and repair operations; as well as trading in second-hand cars. In addition to the above, the company also sells and services heavy vehicles from electric trucks to haul trucks. We have long-term mainentance agreements with our heavy-equipment customers turning the service process into an industrial operation.

Over 70 % of our personnel work on service operations

Our company was established in 1960 and ranks among Finland’s top four largest private dealerships. Wetteri has its main office in Oulu, and the group employs approximately 600 professionals in 25 offices. Over 70% of our personnel work in the after-market business. Wetteri was the first automotive company in Finland to commit to the automotive industry’s Green Deal climate agreement.

Wetteri Oyj’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Oy with the symbol WETTERI.

Vision, Mission and Strategy

Entrepreneur-driven Growth

Our Vision

We are Finland’s largest full-service multi-brand dealership and the most profitable player in our industry by 2025.

Our Mission

We are an enabler of smooth and sustainable transport, a pioneer in automotive digitalisation and a major player on our common path towards emissions-free driving. We fulfil all driver needs from passenger cars to heavy vehicles with an unrivalled brand offering and service quality.

We are an entrepreneur-driven growth company with a management and personnel committed to its development. We grow profitably, operate responsibly and create sustainable value for our owners.

Our Strategic Goal

Our strategic goal is to grow into Finland’s largest full-service multi-brand dealership and the most profitable player in our industry by 2025. This growth will happen both organically and through acquisitions.

The automotive industry is going through a historic transformation. Changing distribution channels and emission-free technologies are consolidating the market into bigger entities. Large players benefit from volume advantages and the improved profitability brought by synergy benefits. The automotive revolution is Wetteri’s growth driver.

The Cornerstones Of our Growth Strategy

  • Wetteri’s multi-brand strategy along with unique business model: the sale of new passenger cars, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles; spare parts, service and repair business, and second-hand vehicle trading lay the foundation for profitable business and growth across economic cycles and mitigate the business risks.
  • The growth potential offered by the automotive transformation: Our company’s ambitious growth strategy is heavily focused on business acquisitions in addition to organic growth.
  • Digital capabilities create profitability: Investments in digital capabilities and analytics make Wetteri a unique company on the Finnish market. The growth of sales on digital channels is projected to further improve the company’s profitability.
  • Entrepreneur-driven growth: Wetteri is a Nasdaq-listed company, with the company’s senior management owning a significant portion of its shares. Company’s growth strategy is being implemented by a group of committed, and talented leaders with proven track-record on growing business – for the common good of all shareholders.

Wetteri’s Strenghts

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1. Comprehensive business model

  • Wetteri’s full-service business model covers services from the sale of new passenger cars and heavy vehicles to spare parts, service and repair operations and second-hand car dealing with Finland’s broadest brand representation. This all mitigates business risk and adds to Wetteri’s growth potential
  • Wetteri has a broad clientele of both corporate and private customers.
  • After-market services make up a significant percentage of the company’s turnover, and over 70% of the company’s personnel work in service.

2. Finland’s widest brand offering

  • Wetteri is a multi-brand dealership with Finland’s largest passenger car portfolio. The company is a licensed retailer and maintenance representative of 13 car brands and has an authorised maintenance model with nine additional brands. We sell six of Finland’s top-selling car brands.
  • Wetteri is also responsible for the sales of Volvo and Renault lorries, maintenance and spare parts services for these brands, as well as maintenance and spare parts services for Bobcat and Doosan earth movers within its market area.

3. Strong track record of profitable growth

  • Wetteri has a strong track record of profitable growth, which the company’s management is confident of maintaining going forward.
  • Wetteri is one of the fastest-growing companies in its sector: The company has posted an average annual growth of 8% in 2015–2021 and has also been able to improve its profitability.
  • With its 38% market share1), Wetteri is the market leader in northern Finland.
  • In the opinion of the company’s management, Wetteri’s strong brand portfolio and after-market service offering even out market fluctuations and offer predictability in unstable market conditions.

1)Market share calculated based on the Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs’ (AKL) local registration statistics and Wetteri’s own passenger car sales figures.

4. Active consolidator of the sector

  • Finland’s highly fragmented automotive market offers major consolidation potential. In the view of the company’s management, Wetteri has excellent prospects of being an active consolidator in the sector.
  • Wetteri has identified a number of acquisition targets that would support the company’s strategy. These companies are well-managed, bringing competence and leadership to Wetteri in addition to growth.
  • The identified acquisition targets enable synergy benefits in both returns and expenses. Our integration model for acquired companies is light and thus cost-effective.

5. Positive market prospects

  • In our company’s view, the automotive sector is going through the greatest transformation in its history due to new business and distribution models, electrification, digitalisation, increasing environmental requirements and technological advances.
  • In the management’s opinion, these major change trends accelerate Wetteri’s growth and improve the company’s profitability.
  • The age of Finnish passenger cars is above the EU average, creating opportunities for Wetteri in both the retail and after markets. In the company’s view, the passenger car market will grow by about 25% in 2023 because of the vehicle deficit caused by COVID-19.

6. Entrepreneur-led company with proven track-record

  • The company’s management has a strong track record of successful mergers and acquisitions that have increased shareholder value.
  • CEO Aarne Simula has been piloting Wetteri on a profitable growth track since 2008.
  • Wetteri is owned by a public consortium of entrepreneurs with extensive business experience and a strong track record of successful mergers and acquisitions that have increased shareholder value.

Investor relations

Wetteri’s investor relations are managed by the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Communications Officer.

Aarne Simula
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The following analysts follow Wetteri Oyj and draw up investment analyses on the company. Wetteri takes no responsibility for the contents of the analyses or the opinions presented in them.

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