Wetteri’s Annual general Meeting 2024

Wetteri has Finland’s largest passenger car and heavy vehicles portfolio

Our goal is to become Finland’s largest and most profitable operator in the automotive industry by 2025

The automotive industry is going through a historic transformation. New distribution channels, emission-free technologies and digitalisation demand massive investments and reconstruct the typically fragmented market towards larger units. The automotive revolution is Wetteri’s growth driver: Large players benefit from the improved profitability and synergy benefits.

Growing both organically and through acquisitions, Wetteri is an active consolidator of the industry.

Wetteri’s three business areas offer potential for growth and stability

Sale of passenger and utility vehicles

Wetteri has Finland’s largest multi-brand representation of vehicles. Wetteri’s multi-brand portfolio is a strategic choice that allows the company to meet the needs of different customer groups. The wide selection also mitigates company’s business risks.

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Heavy vehicle business

The sale and long-term service and repair agreements of heavy vehicles form a substantial and highly profitable part of the group’s business. Integration into the customer’s business through after-sales services and maintenance contracts helps us create lasting customer relationships.

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After-sales and repair services and spare parts sales

More than 75% of Wetteri personnel work in spare parts, service and repair operations. The company is authorised to service a total of 29 car makes.

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We will become Finland’s largest and most profitable operator in the automotive industry by 2025.


The automotive revolution is Wetteri’s growth driver. We are growing organically and through acquisitions.


Wetteri’s strengths are its unique business model, multi-brand strategy and digital capabilities.

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