Strategy and values

Wetteri grows through acquisitions and organically

The shift in the automotive sector drives Wetteri’s growth

The automotive industry is going through the greatest transformation in its history as a result of new business and distribution channel models, the introduction of electric vehicles, digitalisation, increasingly strict environmental requirements and new technological innovations. The investment and development needs brought on by these changes are driving the sector to consolidate into larger units. Wetteri’s position as the market leader in Northern Finland with a market share of 38%, extensive know-how and evidence of viable growth create the company excellent facilities to actively consolidate the sector.

Cornerstones of Wetteri’s growth strategy:

Wetteri’s multi-brand strategy and business model

The sale of new passenger cars, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles, spare parts, service and repair business, and second-hand vehicle trading lay the foundation for profitable business and growth across economic cycles and mitigate business risks.

Growth potential offered by the automotive transformation

The introduction of electric vehicles, digitalisation, and changes in distribution channels create pressure for consolidating the industry. The automotive industry is moving towards larger, stronger, and more profitable units. Our company’s ambitious growth strategy is heavily focused on business acquisitions in addition to organic growth.

Digital capabilities create profitability

Investments in digital capabilities and analytics make Wetteri a unique company on the Finnish market. The growth of sales on digital channels is projected to further improve the company’s profitability. The predictive remote diagnostics technology of heavy vehicles integrates Wetteri into its customers’ value production, and broader utilisation of data analytics and robotics is part of the company’s digital development plans.

Entrepreneur-driven growth

The top management of Wetteri owns a significant share of the listed company. The company’s growth strategy is implemented by a group of experts with strong experience in business growth who are committed to the company and work for the best interests of the company shareholders.

Our values are realised in Wetteri’s daily activities

The company values guide everyday decisions at Wetteri: trust, courage, commitment, and results are present in all activities and decision-making processes with regard to the environment, people, and good governance and management:


Trust is gained through reliable and transparent actions. We are a reliable partner, a good and fair employer, and a socially responsible operator.


Our goal is to reform the automotive industry, and we know that change requires actions. Actions require courage to get down to business and evolve. We take bold steps every day and in every situation to move toward our goals. Both small and large actions matter.  


Commitment means bearing responsibility. Every Wetteri employee is responsible for the quality of their work and is committed to our common goals. We value good cooperation and the well-being of every Wetteri employee. We are committed to working for the benefit of our customers and owners.


Every Wetteri employee knows their own goals and role in the group’s strategy. We set our goals high enough, assess our results and improve our performance.

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