Whistleblowing channel and guidelines

You can use our whistleblowing channel to report a suspected crime, offence or misconduct confidentially.

The channel is not intended for giving customer or supplier feedback on invoicing or contractual terms, for example. We do not address and investigate such feedback. False reports made intentionally are prohibited and may lead to legal consequences.


The whistleblowing channel is a tool for maintaining our ethical principles and reliability.

We expect the entire organisation and our staff to observe our ethical principles and relevant legislation in their everyday work. If an employee or a person involved with our organisation suspects misconduct, they can report the case through the whistleblowing channel.


Employees and persons involved with our organisation can anonymously report offences or misconduct regarding for example:

  • Bribery, corruption and money laundering
  • Breach or suspected breach of public company legislation or the rules of the exchange
  • Grey economy
  • Breach of competition legislation or unfair competition
  • Breach of environmental or occupational health and safety legislation
  • Breach of privacy legislation
  • Breach of product, food and drug safety legislation
  • Interference in the employees’ right of association
  • Unilateral negative change to duties
  • Other violations of legislation or our ethical principles.