Wetteri Plc strengthens its management team

Wetteri Plc Stock Exchange Release 26 June 2024 at 12.00

The automotive growth company Wetteri Plc will strengthen its management team with new members, as from 26th June 2024, Samuli Koskela, Director of Investor Relations and M&A, Juha Kontio, Head of the Western Finland area of Wetteri Auto Oy, and Ari Roivainen, Head of the Eastern area, have been appointed as members of the management team. Aarne Simula, CEO, Antti Ollikainen, CEO at Wetteri Power Oy and Wetteri Trucks Oy, CFO Panu Kauppinen and HR and Communications Director Sanna Räsänen will continue as members of the management team.

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Aarne Simula, CEO, Wetteri Plc:

Tel. +358 400 689 613, aarne.simula@wetteri.fi

Wetteri Plc – an entrepreneur-driven growth company in the automotive sector

Wetteri Plc is an entrepreneur-driven growth company in the automotive sector. The company engages in the retail sales of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles, and produces maintenance and repair shop services for vehicles, from passenger cars to heavy vehicles. Headquartered in Oulu, the company has 50 locations in Finland. The company employs nearly 1,000 people, of whom around 70% work in maintenance and repair services. Wetteri promotes digitalisation in the automotive sector and is an important player on the common journey towards emission-free motoring. More information: sijoittajat.wetteri.fi/en/