Seres, Skywell and DFSK brand representations for Wetteri

Wetteri Oyj  Press release 28 June 2024 at 12.00

Automotive growth company Wetteri becomes a representative of Chinese car brands Seres, Skywell and DFSK in Oulu and Kuopio. New brand representations strengthen Wetteri's passenger car brand representation in Finland and diversifies its selection of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Aarne Simula, CEO and President, Wetteri Plc:

“Wetteri's new brand representations respond to the demand for more affordable segments, but also offer great options in more expensive price ranges. There is interest in the market for more affordable electric and hybrid cars, both of which are coming to our range. Demand for new cars is expected to start growing already this year, so now is a good time to expand the offering.”

In Finland, the Seres, DFSK and Skywell brands are represented by Novus Cars Finland Oy, which specializes in importing Chinese electric cars to the Nordic countries and the Baltic region.

Juha Rusama, CEO, Novus Cars Finland:

“Novus Cars is a growth-oriented player in the Finnish car market, and our goal is to expand our operations geographically. Wetteri is a great partner for us, with a wide presence in different parts of Finland. We will bring to market a wide and growing range of fully electric cars as well as hybrids for which there is growing demand.”

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Aarne Simula, CEO and President, Wetteri Plc:

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Juha Rusama, toimitusjohtaja, Novus Cars Finland Oy

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Novus Cars is a modern and agile automotive importer that knows retail. The company imports Chinese electric and hybrid cars from several different manufacturers, and the group acts as an importer to the Finnish, Swedish and Baltic markets. The company makes environmentally friendly and modern vehicle technology available for all sizes and consumers.