Insider information: Wetteri Plc has signed a Dongfeng and Voyah reseller agreement with Nordcars Finland Oy – significant impact on Wetteri’s market position in electric cars market

Wetteri Plc Insider information 12 March 2024 at 15.30 EET

Wetteri Plc, a growth company in the automotive sector, is expanding its brand representation by becoming the only Dongfeng and Voyah dealer in Finland. Reseller agreement with Nordcars Finland Oy was signed 12th March 2024. The new brand representations will significantly grow Wetteri’s market share in electric cars sales in Finland.

Wetteri’s electric car offering will expand during the current year with 8–9 new fully electric and plug-in hybrid passenger car models. The electric cars of the Dongfeng brand are placed in the price category of approx. 20,000–60,000 euros and respond especially to the strongly increased demand for electric cars in the more affordable price category. With the Voyah representation, Wetteri’s premium class electric car offering is growing.

Dongfeng and Voyah dealerships will start at Wetteri’s offices in Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kuopio, Joensuu and Pori. Wetteri’s locations cover more than 80% of Finland’s Dongfeng and Voyah market potential. In 2024, the target is a sales volume of approx. 500 vehicles. In 2025, with the expansion of the Dongfeng collection, a significant increase in the brand’s sales volume is expected.

Aarne Simula, CEO, Wetteri Plc

“In recent years, there have been a lot of new electric cars on the European market from China. We estimate that with these new dealerships, we can meet the high-quality demand for electric cars in a more affordable price category, and at the same time offer new options for demanding needs as well. In this way, we also help to promote low-emission driving. Expanding brand representation is part of the company’s growth strategy and supports our organic growth and strengthens our position in the passenger car market.”

Juha-Pekka Mäkinen, CEO, Nordcars Finland Oy

“This is an exceptional collaboration that brings together one of the world’s largest car factories, Dongfeng Motorcompany, with its entire EU-type-approved production portfolio, and the dynamic automotive growth company Wetteri. The cooperation brings a new dimension to enable the growth of Finnish car trade with innovative Premium products and responsibility, in an environmentally sound manner. We look forward to this collaboration.”

Wetteri has the largest representation of passenger car and heavy vehicle brands in Finland. With the latest addition, the number of brands will increase to 39.

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Aarne Simula, CEO, Wetteri Plc

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Juha-Pekka Mäkinen, CEO, Nordcars Finland Oy

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