Wetteri acquires the Sports Car Center business operations in Lempäälä

Wetteri Plc Press release  2 July 2024 at 9.30

Wetteri Auto Oy, a subsidiary of the automotive growth company Wetteri Plc, acquires the business of the Lempäälä branch of the Sports Car Center Oy. In the transaction, car sales and Volvo and Mercedes Benz brand service will be transferred to Wetteri. The purchase price of the business transaction is EUR 50,000 and the possible additional purchase price is up to EUR 150,000.

Wetteri has a trade-in car dealership business in the same property with the acquired businesses of the Sports Car Center, and with the deal, it will be possible to develop the site concept towards new car representations. The business will be transferred to Wetteri as of 1st  August 2024, the staff will transfer to Wetteri as existing employees.

Aarne Simula, CEO and President, Wetteri Plc

“As a result of the transaction, we will be able to develop our operations in the Tampere region even more strongly and also expand the office concept from trade-in car sales to, for example, maintenance and the sale of new cars.”

Markus Freund, CEO, Sports Car Center Oy

“As a result of the transaction, we will continue to develop our concept in accordance with Sports Car Center’s new regional sales strategy in the Pirkanmaa region. A corresponding concept change has already been implemented in Turku and and will be made later in the summer in Jyväskylä. The change is part of our new business strategy, which aims to provide a more customer-oriented service by region to our customers. As part of the renewal of the store concept, we will invest in digital channels as well as a personal service concept by region. Our new concept requires a clear centralization of certain functions at the national level, and this transaction creates the conditions for it.”   

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